Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Auspicious anniversaries!

While cleaning up the house today I came across some papers that I acquired in July in Hastings. I put some of them up here for the convenience of anyone who is interested in reading them.

An obituary of Martha Delano, also known as Cousin Mat.

Historic LeDuc Simmons Estate brochure.

Hazel Jacobsen's Tour Guide of the LeDuc House.

"From Here to Antiquity," an article about Carroll from a 1985 Mpls / St. Paul Magazine.

There may be more coming; I still need to sort through my archive. So stay tuned.

A fun, if somewhat random, note: 130 years ago today, President Hayes came to visit Hastings. One of Nellie's aunts was involved in planning the reception for the President at the LeDuc house. (No pressure there!) Carroll kept a framed 1878 newspaper article detailing Hayes's visit in the LeDuc for many years.

An equally noteworthy event: exactly one year ago today, this website went live! *insert wink here* Thanks to everyone who has visited it over the past year. There's one snafu in the foreseeable future: Google Pages is turning into Google Sites later this year, and although the site should stay live through it all, the address to it will probably change. Sigh. I'll let you know on this blog when/if it does.

On Saturday September 27th I'm going to be at the LeDuc House for the Second Annual LeDuc-Simmons Country Market. Like last year I'll be bringing my Carroll Simmons informational board, but this time I'll also be a vendor. I'll be selling notecards and prints of my digital photography, as well reproductions of some Victorian postcards. (Finally, proof that I do have other non-Hastings related hobbies!)

As always, thanks for taking the time to visit this site. Let me know if you find any errors. See you in September!

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