Thursday, September 13, 2007

Great news on the researching front

Great news on the researching front.

A few days ago I was googling Marjorie Ohls in an effort to find more information on her to post on the introduction I write for each letter. (Ms. Ohls was the woman who wrote this letter in my collection.) Piecing together information from a couple of websites, I came to realize that Marjorie Ohls was also known as Marjorie Chalmers, and that realization led me to this website. Just to be sure that I was on the right track, I emailed the group that put together the website. A gentleman just wrote me back today about it to confirm her identity. His exact words:

I am writing in response to your query about Marjorie Ohls Chalmers. I am happy to inform you that yes, the Marjorie Ohls who wrote the letter in question was the same Marjorie Chalmers who worked at the Pi Beta Phi Settement School from 1936 until 1965.

Prior to traveling to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Marjorie trained at Eitel Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota (where she later served as a medical and surgical nurse) and then served as floor supervisor of the Cottage Hospital in Galesburg, Illinois. She also did family relief and child welfare work on behalf of the American Legion and received training as a kindergarten teacher.

So, after several years of wondering, I now know that Marjorie Ohls Chalmers was an important figure in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, who made a real difference in the lives of innumerable patients.

I'm so grateful to have the Internet so I can piece these fascinating puzzle pieces together.

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