Monday, September 10, 2007

Good news from the Old Times.

A colorful article about Carroll Simmons has been added to the Carroll Simmons biography section of the website. Today I received permission to reproduce an article about him that originally appeared in The Old Times in 1992 and was written by University of Minnesota professor Timothy Trent Blade, Ph.D. One of my favorite excerpts:

"He had a proprietary feeling about his antiques and was sometimes obsessed that they'd find the right home. In his mind, the inventory of everything he'd ever owned (and who had bought it, and what they'd paid) allowed him to construct an image of what his customers' homes looked like, even if he hadn't been invited. He knew what they needed and, especially, what they didn't. He might encourage a purchase by suggesting, "This would look nice on the table you got from me last year," or "This mirror has the same inlay as the one I sold your grandmother." Sometimes he was even more opinionated, and the words, "Your house is too small for that," or "You don't need that," were always quite final."

Thanks much to The Old Times for giving me permission to post it.

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