Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ugh. The dreaded day has finally come. Google Pages has turned into Google Sites...and I now have a huge amount of work to do in regards to formatting. My favorite part of web development - aside from the chance to make all of this information available to whoever is interested in it - is making my pages pretty and pleasing to the eye, and unfortunately the switch has undone a lot of the hard work I put into the aesthetic part of things. Please forgive any strange formatting over the next few months but I just haven't the heart to spend a great deal of time fixing it up since I'm planning to make a brand new website anyway.

Ugh again.

This is yet another sign that I really need to put together my own website, where I will have total control of everything. Thanks to all who have offered to help. I'm so excited about the possibilities that are opening up. I'll keep you posted in the coming months.

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